Way thought for the day 21.1.2011

In the eyes of those who have more than they need, the follower has nothing, and is a fool, prizing only that which of The Way is born. The follower may seem to be perplexed, being neither bright nor clear; and to himself, sometimes he seems dull and weak, confused and shy. Like the ocean at night, he is serene and quiet, but as penetrating as the winter wind.

Way thought for the day 19.1.2011

It is to the advantage of the follower that he does not fear what others fear, but it is to the advantage of others that they can enjoy the feast, or go walking, free of hindrance, through the fields and byways in Spring.

Way thought for the day 17.1.2011

The follower, especially the Caulbearer, who is king or queen above all kings, is often envied because others do not know that, although he is nourished by the very Force of All Life, like them, he or she is mortal.

Way thought for the day 16.1.2011

When cunning and profit are renounced, stealing and fraud will disappear. But ethics and kindness, and even wisdom, are insufficient in themselves to give satisfaction to the human mind. Better by far to see the simplicity of raw silk’s beauty and the uncarved block, to be one with oneself, and with one’s brother, than to follow false complications. It is better by far to be one with The All, developing selflessness, tempering desire, removing the wish, being compassionate. Such are great values.

Way thought for the day 15.1.2011

All too often in the lives of men, pretended piety and devotion to false gods arise only after conflict and strife, just as loyal ministers all too often appear after the people have been suppressed. They come, mouthing false wisdom and platitudes.

It is better merely to live one’s life, realizing one’s potential, rather than wishing for sanctification. He who lives in filial piety and love has no need of ethical teaching. He is now beyond all redemption.

Way thought for the day 14.1.2011

When The Way is remembered, as it shall be in the Latter Days, kindness and ethics need to be taught to those who have forgotten; for men shall have learned to give pretence to be wise and good. They shall be hollow vessels.

In those latter days, men shall be drunkards and liars, following the ways of the lowest beasts. Women shall be whores; without loyalty, bearing scabs about their private parts.

Way thought for the day – 13.1.2011

The Way is abstract, and therefore has no form. It is neither bright in rising, nor dark in sinking. It cannot be grasped, and makes no sound. Without form or image, without existence, the form of the formless is beyond defining, and cannot be described; it is not beyond our understanding. It cannot be called by any name, because it is beyond naming. Standing before it, it has no beginning; even when followed, it has no end. In the now, it exists; in the future, it is paramount. To the present, apply it carefully, follow it well, and reach its beginning, which is the fountainhead of The All.

Way thought for the day 12.1.2011

Man cannot comprehend the infinite; only knowing that the best exists, the second best is seen and praised, and the next, despised and feared. The follower does not expect that others use his criteria as their own. The existence of the leader who is considered wise, is barely known to those he leads. He acts without unnecessary speech, so that the people will say, “It happened of its own accord”.