Way thought for the day, 9th March 2012: From the fountains of your mind….

From the fountains of your mind will spring the waters of your salvation”

Do you ever consider whether you are a reasonable person or not? If you are a reasoning person, then you already follow what is known as The Way. So, what is The Way? The Way is truth, knowledge, logic and reason, and when you live by The Way, you live according to these principles of thought.

Ask yourself the question, do you want to live in reason, with logic, knowledge and provable fact as your daily guide, or do you want to live your life with the opposite? Namely, with unreason, lack of logic, lack of knowledge and fantasy as your only guide?

Do you consider that they are reasonable, sensible, just, correct, or otherwise? And on what do you base your reasoning?

Remember that you may think that you know all about things, but do you in fact? You only know what you know, and you don't know that you don't know what you don't know. So, on what do you judge? Are you really a reasoning person? What do you really know?

Remember that belief can only exist in the absence of hard fact. So, what do you know, and what do you only believe?

Become a follower of The Way if you are searching for reason. The Way is knowledge, reason. logic and provable truth. From the workings of your own mind comes your salvation or damnation. We all have choices. What are yours?

From the TED Channel – James Hansen on Global Warming


Wearing his wide-brimmed hat, climate scientist James Hansen starts his TEDTalk by asking, “What do I know that would cause me, a reticent midwestern scientist, to get arrested in front of the White House, protesting?”

Hansen studied under professor James Van Allen, who told him about observations of Venus ,” there was intense microwave radiation ,” because it's hot, and it was kept that way by a thick C02 atmosphere. He was fortunate enough to join NASA and send an instrument to Venus. But while it was in transit, he became involved in calculating what would be the effect of the greenhouse effect here on Earth.