Way thought for the day – 18.4.2011

That which is firmly rooted, is not easily torn from the ground; just as that which is firmly grasped, does not slip easily from the hand. The virtue of the wisdom of The Way is real, if cultivated in oneself; it can be felt as well as seen, and its experience is complete. When loved in the family, it abounds; when throughout the village, it will grow; and in the nation, be abundant. When it is real universally, virtue is in all people.

Way thought for the day – 16.4.2011

It is not the way of Nature to carry a sword unless for defence; even the brier has thorns. It is not seeming to over-adorn oneself, nor to have more than a sufficiency of fine food and drink. He who has more possessions than he can use, deprives someone else who could use them well. The good follower takes nothing that he cannot put back, and shares his surplus.

Way thought for the day – 15.4.2011

When the court has adornments in profusion, the fields are full of weeds and the granaries are bare. Sell the adornments and buy food and tools. The good earth shall be cleared of weeds, shall yield again, and the granaries will be filled.

Student and Master ,“ a lesson for those with ears to hear

Just sitting here, something jogged my memory. I remembered an old story about a young Brother. He had studied hard and learned so much. He was of course proud of himself, as some might well be. It came the time of the giving of account*, and after the celebrations were over he left with some of his friends. He told them that he was going into the mountains, to contemplate all that he had been taught by the Master. He needed to be alone, which is not unusual.

The next morning, when his family awoke, he was already gone. Nothing was heard of him for the next five years. Then again, at the giving of account, he appeared. He strode into the centre of the room as if he owned it, shouting, “I have great news ,• great news!”

The Master bade him step forward; and tell all present what this great news was. He said, “For five long years I have worked and practised, and now ,• now I can walk on water!”

The great Master looked at him for a moment, then said, “Tell me brother. Why could you not have spent all that time doing something useful?”


An ass which turns a millstone did a hundred miles walking. When it was loosed, it found that it was still at the same place. There are men who make many journeys but make no progress towards any destination.


*The Solstices are a time for the giving of account.


The Followers of The Way

Some visitors to this website ask for evidence that Jesus (Joshua ben Miriam) and his disciples were known as followers of The Way. The following article is written to throw some light on the subject, and to put it into a simple context.

Although the original Book of Man later became more widely known as ‘The Bible’, and though much was altered by the priesthoods of the Jewish and Christian religions respectively, there are several references to The Way remaining within the biblical texts, mainly in what is known as the Book of Acts, or Acts of the Apostles, which is a collection of writings in what Christians call the New Testament. The material provided hereunder will hopefully give you some useful links to these main references.

Before we do that, you should be aware that when we refer to ‘biblical’ texts on this website, we refer to what are collectively called the Old and New Testaments, and where we are dealing with The Way title for the original texts, we will refer to it as The Book of Man, to avoid confusion. In The Way we do not refer to the ‘Old Testament’ and ‘New Testament’, as these terms were later added to the collective Way writings and teachings when what later became Christianity took over the previous Jewish teachings, which they then called The Old Testament, and added on their own version of the Nazarene teachings from the time of Jesus (Joshua) onwards, namely the ‘New Testament’.


Note: Depending on what version of the Bible you happen to read, you may see references to The Way either capitalized, as in The Way, or in lower case, the way, or way. However, you can view the same verses in many different translations on the Biblegateway website, by selecting the version selection menu, which is highlighted in the image capture below the table of links.

The link to the Biblegateway website (keyword search page) can be found here (You can search by whatever passage you want also, by using the menus on the upper left)

Chapter and verse Link (King James Version) Text
Acts 9:1 – 2 LINK And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, went unto the high priest, and desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any of this way, whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem.
Acts 19:9 LINK But when divers were hardened, and believed not, but spake evil of that way before the multitude, he departed from them, and separated the disciples, disputing daily in the school of one Tyrannus.
Acts 19:23 LINK And the same time there arose no small stir about that way.
Acts 22:4 LINK And I persecuted this way unto the death, binding and delivering into prisons both men and women.
Acts 24:14 LINK But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets:
Acts 24:22 LINK And when Felix heard these things, having more perfect knowledge of that way, he deferred them, and said, When Lysias the chief captain shall come down, I will know the uttermost of your matter.
Collective references to ‘the followers of The Way’ LINK(New International Version)


Snapshot image from the biblegateway website, showing the drop-down version menu (highlighted).

The relevant chapter dealing with the first reference to the followers of The Way being originally called ‘Christian’ in The Book of Man is An Account by Simon, page 768, where it says: And the followers of The Way were called Christians first in Antioch, because they followed The Way: and Jesus the Christ was of The Way, and its most Supreme High Priest; and an High Caulbearer who was prophesied, and was born according to that prophecy.

Note that the text does not say that Jesus was The Way, as is often quoted and misunderstood, as The Way is a philosophy, a collective body of teachings and knowledge, and therefore cannot be identified as one individual. Otherwise, it would cease to exist when that person died.

Way thought for the day – 13.4.2011

Boasting and hurrying hither and thither destroys the enjoyment of a peace filled life. Life is more fulfilled by far for he who does not have desire and has no need of boasting. Learn to see the insignificant and small; grow in wisdom and develop insight in that which is irrevocable. Do not try to fight against insurmountable odds, and so be saved from pointless harm and disappointments.

The Way and Sovereign Beings

As we are increasingly aware, governments, bankers, lawyers and religions are things to be wary of. Many of the individuals in these systems and organizations have an ego problem, and they like to control others. They demand authority, and then they manipulate that assumed authority to suit the prevailing need of both those who support and benefit most from such control. It is obvious that if they only did a little self reflection and took a good hard look at themselves and where they need to improve individually as human beings, much of the evil we are forced to endure today would be gone. Still, man is ruled by laws, and not by the higher authority of the principles of truth, knowledge, logic and reason, which we call The Way, which is based on justice, and not merely law.

The subject of sovereignty of being, Natural Law and Common Law is quite extensive, but basically, we are slaves to our own ignorance; mainly ignorance of the deception of the words used by lawyers. We think they are speaking English, but when you look at Black’s Law Dictionary and the meaning of the words used, you can see that they can be altered or presented to give alternative meanings; meanings that lend themselves to legalistic expediency rather than to the attainment of justice, which is paramount in The Way. Let’s take a brief look at how things really are.


Authority ,“ actual or imagined?

In reality, no adult human being has the right to assert authority over another adult human being unless they consent to it. What right does a policeman have over you to make you give him your driver’s license? No more than you have of asking him for his. All these rules and laws are just words, and you don’t have to be bound by them. Only you can give the authority to these words by giving consent to them. Staying silent, unfortunately, still puts you into contract, puts you in dishonour, and can come back and bite you. As we are taught in The Way, doing nothing still has consequence.

You therefore do need to be able to respond to these individuals when they interact with you, so it is in all our interests to be well informed on the context and meanings of legal terms and be aware that you do in fact hold exclusive and irrevocable autonomy over your being. Remember that as a follower of reason, you are not a legal artifice, a thing, an object ,“ you are a living and sovereign being; one who has the inalienable right of jurisdiction over what you lend yourself to by informed choice only. This is why, as a follower of reason, to correctly and actively understand and evaluate your true worth, you are asked and encouraged to question and know, and not blindly believe and accept. As it is written in the teachings of The Way, “To have knowledge is good, but to have realisation is essential”.

When the Vikings sailed over to the new world in the 1100’s, did they need a passport? Did they need citizenship? No, they just came, and it is a Natural Law right for any freeman to do this. The term Natural Law also underlines the fact that this type of law did not originate from equity, maritime, and other special branches of law. More on this later; but firstly, do you know what you are?

What kind of ‘person’ are you?

Did you know that in legal terms a ‘person’ is not solely identifiable as being a distinct and sovereign human being? Did you also know that in legal terms that word basically enslaves you as a human being into being a person or citizen to a society, namely, your country? Here are some definitions, but pay particular attention to the no. 10 and 11, as your existence and nature as a citizen of your state is determined by legal boundaries and definition, and not by natural, philosophical or moral ones: LINK Were you aware of these facts? Well, now you can be, so the choice is yours, as knowledge extends choice.


Capital Letters ,“ Why?

Are you aware that there is a reason why your name is in capital letters on all your government documents? LINK LINK LINK You may have already been aware that Government sees all its citizens as legally dead, and its persons are all held in trust, in a form of slavery or servitude. So, what are you really? Are you really a sovereign being, a natural human person, or are you simply a legal personality, a corporation, a vassal , a bond-servant, a chattel of slavish utility, an artificial identity, created and defined merely by the force of law? Are you a purposeful and reasoned mind, or are you mind that has been neutered and silenced into a form of obedience, a plaything of the powerful, those who set the rules by which you must exist but not live with any clear purpose? This link asks a number of questions and provides some clarity on the subject. Do you actually wish to know more? If so, click the LINK

Currency ,“ real or fictional creation?

Were you aware that most Western countries are operating as bankrupt corporations? Did you know that our currency is all fiction? Did you realise that the currency presented as having value, is not real money? It is fiat currency, based on promissory notes or debt money. LINK By recognising that this is so, and by simply looking around at the current wasteland created by the bankers and their attendant politicians, who are positioned to serve each other’s legal necessities, we know that this creaking system we currently operate under is unsustainable. We are heading for a certain crash, and the least that we can do is be aware of what is behind the scenery.

Currency is needed to make life and trading more convenient, but is not necessary for survival. You can dig a well for water and not get paid for it. You still have the well, and hence water. You can harvest apples from a tree, and have fruit. In the past, there was communal farming, not land ownership. People had a right to food for survival, and all worked to get it. To have to use fiction money to pay for the necessities of life, when one has no fiction fiat money, is uncivilised, as it restricts the ability of the individual to survive in an environment that is run on fiat currency only. You then become vulnerable to the threat of having whatever imagined privileges you thought you had being withdrawn from you, thus making you more biddable, more submissive, which is not the way that true humans should live, as humanity can only exist in the presence of reason, and such slavery and underhand methodologies are unreasoned. Therefore such systems of rulership are not governed by Natural Law.

Your worth ,“ what is it exactly?

When your legal person was created, upon the creation of your birth certificate, your government floated a bond on the international monetary market.
Your person is tracked using a number of government numbers, such as your Social Security number, birth certificate number, etc. In part 1 (a) of the Canadian Bill of Rights link, it states “the right of the individual to life, liberty, security of the person and enjoyment of property and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law“. The idea that you can be deprived of such security by virtue of law, must mean that you are a person under the law, and all that such a definition may lend itself to.

The country uses the future work that this new ‘person’ will do as the security or collateral needed to borrow money from the bankers. So you, as a person, a legal article or item, are actually worth millions. You as a person are an asset to your country, your society, as the work you do, and future work you could do, is what allows them to borrow money in your name. It is very important to note here, that this is your money. Your government representative, member of parliament, decides for you how to spend it, without consultation or direct approval. They, by not telling you any of this, are basically committing fraud, as they don’t provide facts, but suggestion and legal terminology as though they were fact. But then again, if you are ignorant of the facts as to what was and is still being done in your name, you probably didn’t care, or maybe you simply didn’t think you needed to be aware? Again, can we ask, what kind of person are you really?

Did you know that you can file a notice to your political or religious representative and advise him or her that you don’t consent to him being your personal representative? You can identify yourself and have it made known that you are a Freeman, owned by nobody, and a person who is not a serf, a slave or in bondage. You must declare your self to be a Freeman, or be a member of a society whose members are automatically declared as freemen, those who choose to be free from all influences outside of their own conscious choice, as are all members of the Order of The Way, as we are all considered sovereign beings .


Natural Law

By knowing of Natural Law and its fundamental precepts, which basically means that all human beings are equal and no one can hold authority over you, the money in this bond can be to your benefit. For example, in Canada, healthcare is mandatory. So even if you don’t have a Social Insurance Number, or a health card number (all government documents attached to your person), it is mandatory for the State to treat your illness, and you can use the money in your bond (the attached currency value of your being) to pay for it. Your being healthy is a bigger asset to society, so it is in society’s interest to keep you healthy. The same applies to student loans. Your being educated benefits society more, and makes your bond worth more. Education is a right in Canada, and you can use this bond to pay all your student loans off.

Basically, Natural Law is reason-based, and is therefore a fundamental cornerstone of The Way, and this is why as a follower of The Way you are a human being, a sovereign identity as an individual, but as a subject of the State you have a person (legal fiction) attached to your true being, which is in reality a fictional piggyback entity or construct. You can, should you choose to do so, use this person to your benefit. Just like a coat; when you need it, put it on; when its a hindrance to you, take it off.

You have the right to choose what society you want to be a part of. You can make up your own society. We already have the groundwork of that laid out for us in The Way, and in The Way no one owns anyone else, as we are a choosing people, and choose to rule our own lives according to the principles of truth, knowledge, logic and reason, which is what we call The Way.

All the laws and acts and statutes in the countries we live in only bind the people willing to accept that they are a part of that society or country; and, as a freeman on the land, only you can consent to being part of the society that you choose to be a part of. So the laws made up by the Law Society only apply to those in the Law Society ,• not to our own society. With this comes immense responsibility, but at least you are in charge, and if it is corrupt, its because of your wilful consent to it. In claiming freeman on the land status, you free yourself from a lot of tyranny. The movie clips provided on this site will show you some of these. www.thinkfree.ca

Does this help you to understand what you think you are, what you are worth, and to whom exactly you are worth something, as opposed to what you have been led to legally believe you are? Has it made you think? If so, then it was worth something. Are you thinking yet? If not, why not?

Further articles will be published on this subject and will identify the fundamental framework within which The Way bases its philosophy of sovereignty, some of which you will find in various reason-based laws or rules. Even so, it must be remembered that when law and justice come into conflict for followers of The Way, law must be set aside, and justice administered, as law does not always and in every instance denote justice.