Way thought for the day 5.3.2011

Knowledge frequently results from knowing others, but the man who is awakened has seen the uncarved block. Others might be mastered by force, but to master one’s self requires the wisdom of the Caulbearers of The Way.

Way thought for the day 4.3.2011

When mankind is divided, there is a need for a bringing together, for, like the block which is carved, its parts then can be seen. By stopping in time from torment and conflict, strife is defeated, and danger averted. The people then seek the wisdom of The Way, just as all rivers flow to the great sea.

Way thought for the day 3.3.2011

The Way is eternal, but does not have fame; like the uncarved block, its worth seems small, though its value to man is beyond all measure. Were it definable, it could then be used to obviate conflict, and the need to teach The Way would lead to all men following, and so would they abide in peace, and live forever upon the great earth, and beyond. A sweet dew of contentment and security would descend to nourish the earth.

Way thought for the day 2.3.2011

The conduct of war is that of a funeral; when people are killed, it is a time of mourning. This is why even victorious battle should be observed without any rejoicing; the only emotion allowed being one of relief that it is over.

Way thought for the day 1.3.2011

Weapons of war are instruments of fear and are not favoured by the wise, who use them only when there is no choice, for peace and stillness are dear to their hearts, and victory causes them no rejoicing. To rejoice in victory is to delight in killing; to delight in killing is to have no self-being.