Guidelines and Rules

Those who follow The Way undertake to correctly understand and follow certain natural rules or guidelines so that they can have a better understanding of not only their own individual purpose, but also the joint purposes of all those elements that they rely upon in their lives upon the Earth.

These moral precepts or guidances form an essential part of the thinking that is of The Way itself, and serves as a consideration of those things that may be elementally understood within the mind of those who are reasoned, but yet perhaps never fully formulated in conscious thought.

The principal or cardinal laws of The Way are known as The Twelve Laws, and serve as the foundation for the morality of The Way, and these are provided for your consideration. A fuller explanation of the basis of the morality underpinning the Twelve Laws is also provided, in the page titled Morality and The Way.

The fundamental precepts of The Way are grouped into four quadrants or headings, with each segment contributing seven parts to the overall teachings. The four elemental parts of the outlook of the follower of The Way are as follows: The Seven Responsibilities of Man (also known as the Seven Burdens), The Seven Respects, The Seven Considerations, and The Seven Ponderings. Links are provided to each of these quadrants.

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