The Order of The Way is a society, an organisation that acts as a medium to explain, expand on and promote the precepts of a school of philosophical thought known as The Way. The Company itself is formed under Irish Company Law.

Objects of the Order

The main object for which the Order is established is: in the nature of charitable endeavour, to promote, educate, advertise, and make publicly known, wherever necessary and appropriate, the teachings of The Way, which is a philosophy based on truth, knowledge, logic and reason.

The following objects set out hereafter are exclusively subsidiary and ancillary to the main object set out above and these objects are to be used only for the attainment of that main object and any income generated therefrom is to be applied for the main object only.

  • To carry out and engage in any appropriate economic activity, commerce, business, or other similar enterprise by way of trade.
    • To raise funding by way of fund-raising events, membership subscription; acceptance of donation, gift, bequest, transfer of monies, property; or any other form of transfer by way of pecuniary nature.

  • To set up and maintain, in all and any jurisdiction, wherever and whenever deemed feasible and necessary, educational and administrative centres for the dissemination of the teachings, laws, doctrines and philosophical precepts of The Way.

  • To form both general and specific associative contacts and links with other individuals or groups of philosophical, cultural, religious, humanist or environmentalist nature, or any other other such similar individuals, organisations and groups, as may be deemed appropriate.


The information and time we provide are done on a goodwill basis, with no expectation of reward. Sometimes, should circumstances dictate, if a member suffers expense on behalf of the Order in the course of their travel or other such outlay, then they may be reimbursed by other members upon whose behalf they have acted, as this is only right and fair.